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The STEM Pre-Service Teacher Education Scholarship program is designed for students enrolled in STEM-related teacher education degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level (pre-service teachers). Scholarship recipients will be required to: complete a series of three NASA STEM Digital Badges (Earth Right Now, Aeronautics, and Journey to Mars), and participate in professional seminars.

STEM Educators During their 2018 Trip to NASA Langley Research Cecnter


NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative (NASA EPDC) digital badge content was developed for teachers and students in grades 5-9 and is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Each badge requires educators to complete a classroom teaching component to demonstrate mastery of content.

Award Level

$4,000 per student

How to Apply

Next opportunity will be released Spring Semester 2019

Eligibility Requirements

Request for Proposals

Opportunity to be released in August 2018

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