North Carolina Space Grant collaborates with NASA centers, industry partners, research organizations and other national Space Grant partners to provide hands-on experiential and research experiences to higher education students through meaningful internships.

Student Ryan Theurer at his internship with NASA HQ in the summer of 2017

NC Space Grant also works with partners to advertise career information pertinent to aerospace and aviation in North Carolina and nationally. NC Space Grant will post industry and workforce trends in our News section.

Industry Internships

NC Space Grant collaborates with industry partners to identify opportunities for interns and helps industry partners share opportunities with our state-wide student populations, as well as nationally through our Space Grant network. Internships are posted as they become available. Examples have included the LORD Corporation and HyperSizer.

Research Organizations

NC Space Grant collaborates with research organizations to identify opportunities to conduct research and, where applicable, share research findings via publications, conferences and for public outreach purposes. Examples have included RTI International and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics Lab.

NASA Internships

NASA Internships provide students with opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research at NASA field centers under the direction of a NASA mentor. Funding levels for NASA interns will be consistent with NASA Office of Education award levels for graduate and undergraduate students.

NASA has developed a single, one-stop agency system for the recruitment, application, selection and career development of undergraduate and graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. Students access information about internship and fellowship opportunities across NASA to engage in research, aerospace education and space exploration. A student completes a single internship and/or fellowship application to express interest in up to 15 specific opportunities for each summer, fall, spring or year-long session.

Internship applications are now open for student access on a rolling basis, with positions currently open at all NASA centers.

Summer intern selections will be made through April 29. The summer session has two available date ranges: May 20 to July 26 and June 3 to August 9 (10 weeks each).

To apply, visit Find samples of previous internships on the 2018 Internship List.

Special Internship Opportunity

internship opportunities (described below) at Glenn (in Cleveland, Ohio) during Summer, 2020 with your Affiliates – representatives and students.

Dr. Andrew Work, an Ohio Aerospace Institute senior research associate stationed at NASA Glenn Research Center, is looking to place students at Glenn during Summer 2020 for 12 weeks for the following three positions. Interested students should send their application package directly to Dr. Work at by  Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020.

Common to all positions:

Interested applicants should submit a PDF resume and a PDF cover letter, including a one-paragraph statement outlining why they think they would be a good candidate for any of these positions.

A minimum of two references are required and should be included in the cover letter document.

Position 1: Centrifuge Testing of Ice Adhesion

Description: The student will perform a series of tests on ice using a centrifuge and spray system. The student will collect samples from untested ice and perform fabric (grain structure) analysis on the samples for comparison to other data sets.  The student will demonstrate similarities and differences between this and other types of testing. The student will be expected to give midterm and end-of-semester presentations as well as a paper documenting results.

Position 2: Lap-Shear Adhesion Testing of Ice

Description: The student will perform adhesion testing and data reduction of numerous ice samples generated in the Icing Research Tunnel. The student will run the test, analyze and document the sample and failure characteristics during the test, and compile the data for analysis. The student will be expected to give midterm and end-of-semester presentations as well as a paper documenting results.

Position 3: Grain Structure Analysis of Ice Samples

Description: The student will perform sample preparation and imaging, and will make replicas of samples for later analysis. The student will analyze the images to quantify the characteristics of the ice and document the results. The student will be expected to give midterm and end-of-semester presentations as well as a paper documenting results.