North Carolina Space Grant will engage more K-12 and informal educators across the state by building on the successful NASA Langley Research Center’s (LaRC) Office of Education Network of States initiative completed in 2017. Over the course of the 2016-17 academic year, 60 teachers from schools in economically challenged areas of eastern NC received professional development training from NASA LaRC as part of the Network of States initiative. Now that LaRC has shifted its focus to another state in their service region, NC Space Grant will build upon the momentum generated and establish a Network of Educators (NOE) across NC to continue its goals of: 1) equipping pre-service and in-service educators with innovative tools to inspire the future STEM workforce to pursue education and careers in STEM fields relevant to NASA, and 2) providing opportunities for student-focused programs throughout the pre-college pipeline.

Opportunities for educators with NC Space Grant include:

STEM Pre-Service Teacher Education Scholarships

Apollo 50th Anniversary Resources

Other links for educators