The 2019 North Carolina Science Festival featured the Statewide Star Party as a signature event, supported with funding from North Carolina Space Grant.

During this 7th annual Statewide Star Party, astronomy clubs, state and local parks, universities, planetariums, science centers, nature centers and libraries hosted public sky-watching sessions at approximately 50 sites across North Carolina in March and April. About 4,000 visitors and 200 STEM professionals and volunteers are expected to participate.

Overcast weather and storms on April 12 and 13 caused postponement and cancelation of some events, but many will be rescheduled throughout the spring.

For information on rescheduled Star Party events, visit the N.C. Science Festival website at:

About the events

Star Party participants provide the curiosity, and host sites provide the telescopes. Hosts lead hands-on activities from the Star Party kit that help visitors explore the question of whether there is life elsewhere in the universe, how we might find it and what it might look like.

Star Party Image from 2017